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Would i do the same? No, but the thought that i would be assasinated one day in the future would not leave my mind. It probably would happen regardless. Not really I am agnostic "I cannot know whether a deity exists or not, and neither can you. Also Stoi Famous Stoics Zeno of Citium' and Seneca had explained that fatalism is the view that your choices are free but irrelevant to your fate.

Act however you wish, you cannot avoid your fate.

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I also believe that life is a prison sentence for life. You can only reach a certain point and yet your soul is forever entombed within your prison cell. You are almost never free.

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Ine if you can understand and comprehend how universe was created, you will understand your fate T. Let's put it this way, some people do know what's going to happen to their life. For example, Princess Diana and Michael Jackson, both were very intuitive people, knew that they were going to get killed and there was nothing they can do about it even with all the money, power and bodyguards they had. Having said this fear not of what you may experience in your life because whatever is destined for you is part of a bigger picture.

I suppose crude way to describe it is that some people might want to be a film star, princess or just plain rich but there has to be average cashiers and cleaners to make the world go around as well. We all have a part. Yeah, you may feel pissed about drawing a short straw however.

That's why capable psychics can sort of 'foresee' events because there is no time when it comes to universe. Everything is all planned out. We are bounded by physical law and restricted in a sense in this world but we have access to past and future right now if you know how to.

This is why Horary astrology works and can give you a very accurate answers.

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Let's say you didn't know anything about astrology and at the age of 30 you look into your chart for the first time and trace back what happened in your life; you would find you've lived what your chart promised even without influenced by astrologer's interpretation. When people say Fate It doesn't has to be a big event. Fate is happening every day, small thing like that new friend you've met yesterday or seemingly meaningless sentense uttered by your colleague today Ok everyone has his own truth.

Truth is what is true for you. I respect yours. I have a different one. I think that the chart shows basic characteristics of a man his temperament and way of expressing him self and his start points to building creating his life. I'm not fatalist cause, in the first place, I can't explain Who? But I do know that I can create my destiny through conscious actions and intentions. I read that Yogananda was a deep knower of the Astrology but in one occasion he chalenged the astrologers to point out the most difficult transit points in his chart in which there are alarming notes to not take any kind of actions in that period.

They do that, and Yogananda says that even though he had some difficulties in doing that actions, with the power of will he did all this actions in a proper maneer. So, I think that the more one becomes aware and his counscesness it becames wider he is less predictable like Arroyo says, and I think that here is his "dogmatic" part on which Tikana pointed out.

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Best, Ile. Last edited by IleMacedonia; at AM. Originally Posted by Tora. Julius Ceasar was warned through his dreams as well. As a matter of fact, he was given a note as he went to the Forum and supposvely he said to the person who brought him a note and said that You will die today. Julius Ceasar said I know I will. Elvis Prestley knew he would die young but did nothing to stop it I am not a celebrity but i know when something about to happen. Last edited by Nexus7; at PM. I remember how one friend of mine was told by "I Ching" that he must not started opening his new sex shop till spring and this was in Oktober.

But he - by nature strong willed Aries said "I will open the sex shop and it would be great no matter what I Ching said". He opens the sex-shop and now is the best and most popular sex-shop in our country. So, I want to emphasized that yes - the Planets gives their energy to this world but they are not destiny changers without our free will.

Who pointed that out? Anyway, yes, Cornelius and others have more recently opined that this way of thinking could be called a definition of 'fate' in a velvet glove, for allthe flowery phrases on greater awareness meaning freer choices.

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I expect Elvis 'knew' he would die young because his demons were driving him into habitsand a lifestyle that were unlikely to confer longevity. As Gauquelin put it forGauquelin, he was expressing the negative side of Jupiter , Presley 'stuffed' himself - and a similar case might be made for Jackson. Funny how often great fame and fortune seem to bring tragedy in their wake.

Perhaps the Midas myth was a recognition of that. I sometimes suspect that become a celebrity, or powerful statesman can make a life even more 'fated' than for your average Joe Bloggs. Keeping up dates, honouring timetable may well become more important than what the humble soothsayer may whisper in the ear about danger -especially nowadays, itis not as it a president could cry off a meeting because 'my astrologer said this was not my lucky day.

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Re: Stephen Arroyo I like him i have his 2 books.

Astrology, Karma and Transformation

Find all posts by tikana. Re: Stephen Arroyo Here's one quote from his book : Quote: "We are here to learn lessons and our birth chart tells us what our lessons are, what type of energy we possess in the first place, and how, by facing up to the challenges presented to us in life, spiritual growth will ensue. It will welcome you to a new world of thinking and possibilities — love and sex written in the stars.

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